Jaga Sukma Massage Oil by Botanina
Jaga Sukma Massage Oil by Botanina


Jaga Sukma Massage Oil

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A rich and deeply moisturizing massage oil. The special combination of 4 carrier oils and 5 organic Indonesian essential oils make this product good for so many things: antifungal, antiseptic, anti inflammation, analgesic, blood circulation stimulation, asthma & allergy symptom reliever, skin brightening, arthritis & muscle cramp reliever, skin problems treatment (eczema, acne, irritation, dry skin), and stomachache & headache reliever

Ingredients: cold pressed coconut oil, cold pressed apricot kernel oil, cold pressed sweet almond oil, cold pressed avocado oil, essential oils (turmeric, clove stem, lemongrass, cajeput, blackpepper)

Netto: 60ml

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