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About Us

Cold Press Indonesia was founded based on the passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We believe that people in general realize the importance of health, but are bounded by inconvenience to access healthy products. Cold Press main purpose is to cater the busy city dwellers to live healthier through nutritious intakes.

Years of living unhealthy have forced Cindy Leo (Founder) and Horlix Leo (Co-Founder) to find ways of improving their life. With both at the borderline of obesity, Cindy and Horlix suffered from self confidence issues and disease vulnerability. Their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle started when Cindy took on Food Science & Nutrition degree while Horlix followed a strict nutrition and fitness regime. Through study and in-depth research they found that long term health is a combination of continuous reminders, maintenance and habit.

Cindy and Horlix were soon captured by the benefits of cold press juices as a continuous reminder towards a healthy lifestyle. With their successful transformation, Cindy and Horlix developed a passion towards a healthy lifestyle, and eagerness to help others create their own inspiring success stories. Both also realized how Cold Press juice would nicely fit into the high paced way of life that most people in major cities lives in. Hence leads to the start of a new chapter, initiated by the establishment of Cold Press Indonesia.


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