ORANGE 100% Pure Essential Oil (Energizing) by Eucalie


ORANGE 100% Pure Essential Oil (Energizing)

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Size: 10ml.
Botanical name: Citrus sinensis.
Aroma: citrusy, sweet, reminiscence of orange peel.
Uses: energizing, anti-depression, anti-bacterial, brighten skin complexion, help to reduce cellulite.
1.Aromatherapy: put a few drops into diffuser/oil burner/cool air humidifier.
2.Inhalation: place the bottle below the nose
3.Massage: mix a few drops with your favorite massage oil/body lotion.
4.Natural deodorizer: place a few drops around the house/car/inside wardrobe/any surfaces around you.
5.Bath/foot soak: place a few drops on your bathtub filled with water/foot soak/shower walls to create a at-home spa experience.

External use only.

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