Black Seed/Habatus Sauda Powder by Herbilogy
Black Seed/Habatus Sauda Powder by Herbilogy


Black Seed/Habatus Sauda Powder

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Also known as Habatussauda, Habbat Al Barakah, or “jinten hitam”. Many great researches after so many years indicate that it contains more than 100 natural chemicals that offer a broad range of health benefits. Primarily, it relieves joint pains and works as an anti inflammatory, boost stamina & improves the immune system. It is also known to promote a healthy heart and improve skin health.

Did you know? It is written in Hadits Nabi that habatussauda can cure all diseases.

Herbilogy Black Seed Extract Powder 100g

How to use? Add ¼ tsp of Herbilogy black seed powder into a cup of coffee or a cup of hot dark chocolate.

Intake recommendation: 1/4 tsp per serving, one to three times a day

Ingredients: 100% Black Seed Super Premium-High Grade Extract Powder.
Origin of the plant: North Africa
Taste: Strong bitter

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