Moriko Double Sided Twilly by Nanette


Moriko Double Sided Twilly

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It is a double-sided twilly with an elegant design printed on a piece of silk. The pattern of the outer and inner layer are just the same. But they differ in color. This exquisite design will suit your style well. Put it around your neck or wear it as a wristband or headband and you are ready to be the center of attention.

The size which is 5×90cm matches perfectly with your head, neck, wrist and bag handle. Nanette Twilly is a fantastic accessory and can be used as a head scarf, or tied round your neck as a bow, round your wrist as a bracelet or wrapped around the handles of your bag.

Giving a twilly as a gift has various meanings. Giving a twilly to elderly is the embodiment of respect. If you give a scarf to your boyfriend/girlfriend, it means you want to cherish him/her. Giving a scarf to your beloved family shows affection. And if you give it to your friend, it means you do appreciate your friendship.

Actual scarf colors may look slightly different from your monitor due to different monitor settings.

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