Harper Square Scarf  by Nanette
Harper Square Scarf  by Nanette


Harper Square Scarf

IDR 230.000 - IDR 260.000

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About Harper
Harper is one of the essential scarfs that you must have in your wardrobe. Printed in silk, harper twilly pattern design from nanette twilly is inspired by the leafs. The leafs which produce oxygen from photosynthesis has important roles to plant and nature. Thus this small part of a plant is just like us that have an important role in our life. With this design, harper twilly wants to remind you about how important are you. Not only for yourself, but also for people around you. Aside from that, harper has the meaning of harp player with the hope that this twilly can be one of your way to expressing yourself.

Dominated with bright yet calm colors, it gives a neutral impression to people who wear the scarf. Red color from this scarf gives the impression of strength, warmth, full of energy, and excitement. As red color have the longest wavelength, it is indeed a powerful color. Due to that, red color has characteristic of appearing to be nearer than it is which it grabs our attention first. Thus red is strong, yet basic. It is stimulating, lively, and very friendly. With this color characteristic, harper is great for being mix match with all of your clothes. It also suits for every occasion, as it gives a formal and modest look. Wear it as your headband or wristband, or put it around your neck, this Harper twilly ready to accompany you through your day.

Scarf as a Gift
Giving a twilly scarf as a gift has various meanings. Giving a twilly to elderly is the embodiment of respect. If you give a scarf to your boyfriend/girlfriend, it means you want to cherish him/her. Giving a scarf to your beloved family shows affection. And if you give it to your friend, it means you do appreciate your friendship.

Actual scarf colors may look slightly different from your monitor due to different monitor settings.Manufacturing location(s)/process(es)Made in Indonesia

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