King of Bitter/Sambiloto Powder by Herbilogy
King of Bitter/Sambiloto Powder by Herbilogy


King of Bitter/Sambiloto Powder

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Also known as sambiloto, it was able to stop a deadly flu epidemic that killed millions of people in India when there was no other remedy. This is because of its powerful stamina and immunity booster benefits.
Take King of Bitters when you’re tired and feeling flu-ish. It is perfect for super busy and active people who need the stamina all day long!

Herbilogy King of Bitters Extract Powder 100g

How to use? Due to its strong bitter taste, it is suggested to mix ¼ tsp of Herbilogy King of Bitters powder into a cup of hot coffee/espresso or any dark chocolate based drinks and foods such as brownies, dark chocolate mousse, etc.

Intake recommendation: 1/4 tsp per serving, one to three times a day

Ingredients: 100% King of Bitters Super Premium-High Grade Extract Powder.
Origin of the plant: Indonesia
Taste: Strong-bitter

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